Thursday, April 17, 2008

thanks to that little red nissan

so driving back from okc yesterday in my (well mine temporarily) ugly, white, non-tinted chevy malibou i have a lot of time to do some thinking. really my only option since all of my cd's were left in my jeep and the radio is highly lacking in good music these days.

while i am highly pissed at the injustice done to me by this little red nissan, one positive thing dawns on me as a result of living through the accident. let me back up, i don't think i was near death and i didn't see my life flash before me or any of that nonsense.  however, it is very real to me that had i not slowed down before i hit that wall i very easily could have been sent flying, literally and metaphorically speaking.

scary to think, but i wasn't sent flying. and as my mom would say, God was with me.  this can only lead me to believe that i'm not done here on this earth.  there is some purpose here that i have yet to fulfill.  relief.

concrete doesn't move

tuesday, april 15.  approximately 4:15 in the afternoon.

what a beautiful day.  driving down the interstate wearing my new pink shorts, thanks to my freshly shaved legs, window half-way down, my new cd playing loudly over the sound of the warm wind swirling through my car.  the highways is busy and we are all at a cruising speed of just over 60 mph.  i'm on my way to okc and looking forward to the next 3 hours.  i've always loved driving, just me, the road, and the radio.  my best ideas come when i'm driving.  

i do my usual glancing around the road looking at all the cars traveling the same path. suddenly there is this small red car in the lane next to me and just about half a cars length in front of me moving over into my lane.  let me re-phrase actually the nose of their car is in my lane and if i don't do something the nose of my car will be in the driver's seat of their car.  so i swerve left, hard, too hard.  holy cow, there's a concrete barrier getting closer and closer, so i turn right, and at this point i realize i've lost control and half to straighten up and stop.  swerve back left again, crap i can't straighten up i've just got to stop! one more time to the right and again to the left, well piss that dang wall is getting closer.  and then, i realize, the only way to end this madness is to hit the wall, literally.  and boy did i.  4000 dollars worth of concrete wall damage to my little jeep.  and that little red car, turns out is a little red nissan and they fled the scene.

there is good news i'm okay and there was a good samaritan. apparently a truck and it's driver (shane) saw the whole thing and chased the car down.  actually got them to pull over, some asian lady (i guess not aware of how to "drive friendly, the texas way").  he attempted to get her to follow her back to the scene but she got away and shane only got 3 of the digits of the license plate. when he got back to where i was, the cops were already gone and no police report was written which means no ticket for me, so we (me and my parents) decided to let it go and let my insurance take care of it all.  

while i don't wish harm on this little red nissan i do hope they feel bad, really bad.  driving hasn't been the same since, it's not nearly as enjoyable.