Thursday, August 7, 2008

intern-woo hoo!

i have a new job--well okay, i'm actually paying (tuition) to work there--but none-the-less today was my first day interning at the dallas observer! i spent the first hour of the morning getting acquainted with the building and the office. then robert (the blog editor) came in and told me i needed to spend the next few hours getting myself familiar with the dallas budget problems because at 3:45 i would be attending a briefing with the city manager where she will be disclosing the next years proposed budget.

i know what you're thinking, snore. however, surprisingly it was pretty fun. after rushing to get to city hall at 3:30 (because i had read somewhere in my research that the briefing started then) i ended up on the 4th floor & in the wrong meeting. turns out the directors meeting was at 3:30 and my presence there was not allowed. so, a lady kindly informed me that the media briefing would be in 15 min on the 5th floor.

so i tailed it up there and sat amongst the suits and microphones. after the briefing i headed back to the office to hand over my info. the story is here. robert actually wrote it because of the need to get it up in a hurry, but he did say he liked the quote i got :)

all in all, a good day!