Monday, November 10, 2008

Top Ten and a random note at the end

Apparently people love lists. I hope you, my people, love them too because below is a list of the coolest stuff I've found on the interwebs. Some old, some new, some borrowed stolen, and some blue (I typed that before I actually found something blue, so I'm on the lookout). Enjoy! And comment!!

10. I've got a sweet tooth. Not really but Daily Candy is sweet! Bonus, you can sign up for the daily newsletter for your city so you don't even have to go to the site, they email you the latest stuff. I'm subscribed to NY and LA along with Dallas just cuz I like to think I'm a little bit of all three.
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9. Etsy...remember when I said something old? In this fast-paced-super-charged life,, the super cool homemade goodies site is now old news. But hello! Take a look at this crafty little neck warmer. Love it, all the warmth of a scarf, without the bulk. Here's the creator's credit.

8. Say what you will about Obama. I'm not going there, just saying that this is pretty cool. Bout time the hire-ups got a clue about how to reach people and about how to hear people. CNN talks about it too.

7. I love, love, love cakewrecks! It makes me laugh and/or cringe every time I visit it. E--you think we should have gone with something like this for B's baby shower??

6. Another oldie, Pixar's "For the Birds," I had to find it just because it's sooo funny (and somewhat the color blue) and I nearly pee my pants every time I see it. Prepare to be dazzled, amused and rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.

5., I added it to my Google reader a while ago and I love it! She's funny, dresses her cute pups up in crazy costumes and takes amazing photos. The site is witty and at times even controversial, but always avant-garde. Not to mention, she has a mini-Australian Shepard named Coco...I want one!

In celebration of That Awful Dog from dooce on Vimeo.

4. Last Friday, we here at the Observer were convinced there was a kitten, puppy, rat, bat, or bird trapped in between a couple of cubicles or in the ceiling. Maintenance was on the scene. As were a couple others tearing the ceiling apart in search of the trapped creature. Meet the creature. Turns out intermittent little whimpers and yelps coming through computer speakers cause chaos.

3. Umm, MTV plays music videos online! So exciting. I've never been one to sit in front of the teevee and watch hours on end of music videos, but there is an occasional moment when I really need to see Justin Timberlake shaking his booty. And let me just say, I was lacking some faith in comeback Britney...until now:

2.I went boot shopping courtesy of Victoria's Secret online. Both by Jessica Simpson. Happiness.

1. And now, the coolest thing I've seen online today, which actually sparked this entire post: the iBangle! Holy cow, this is super. A bracelet that plays music and is hopefully going to be made by Apple, so you know I love it. The wireless ear buds make it even more awesome. The only thing cooler...the iPhoBang--you know, a bracelet that's a phone.
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On a side note, this past weekend I was in the lovely state of Oklahoma for Peanut's show and seemed to have had too many Vodka-Red-Bulls. After some risky lap dance behavior for my female friend, K, I seemed to have broke a hip. This makes me realize: A) I'm extremely lacking in the flexibility department; B) leave the lap dances to the professionals.