Thursday, May 22, 2008

tag, i'm it!

at beka's request below are 7 things you may or may not already know about me! enjoy :)

1.  unlike beka or erin i don't like even numbers, well actually i only like multiple's of 5 so they can be even as long as they are divisible by 5.  and if something (i.e. volume) must be on something not a multiple of 5 then i like it on the odd number in between.  example the volume could be on 23 because that is the odd number between 20 and 25.  so, beka, for me gracie's birthday is perfect :) this has developed in college, and now that i think about it, i may have erin and beka to blame for my weirdness!

2.  i'm addicted to crime shows.  law and order, without a trace, csi, love them all.  for fact tonight amber and i went to workout and i left the tv on so when i got back i could rewind and watch the two law and order episodes! i've also been known to stay up till 3am watching without a trace.  i just can't stop, it's really quite pathetic.

3.  i love dots.  the candy, i don't know why but i just love those little things.  they are just the right amount of sweet.  not too sweet, just right.

4.  i suck on my tongue when i sleep.  actually, i'm doing it right now, so i guess i do it when i'm relaxed.  i fold it in half in my mouth and just kinda suck on it.  i've done it since i was a baby and i'm not sure exactly how to stop because mostly i do it in my sleep!

5.  i carried a baby blanket until i was 21.  this one's a little embarrassing!  my friends used to like to steal it and hide it and i would get so upset i'd be near tears before they'd give it back. weird, i know...i think i have detachment issues.  actually, i still miss that blanket sometimes...don't tell!

6.  i'm actually really good with numbers.  even though my career choice is more on the creative side, i'm really very analytical. i can see a number and memorize it almost instantly. i actually have one of my credit card #s memorized.  i'm really good at math.  on standardized tests, my best score is always on the math section. hmm, maybe i should have thought about this.

7.  my secret dream is to be a supermodel and has been since i was a little girl, it's actually the only career goal i can remember consistently dreaming about growing up.  silly, i know as i'm only 5 ft tall.  but i keep thinking if i just get skinny enough, maybe tyra (as in banks) will give me a chance on antm.  after all a "full-figured" girl just won, why not a 5 ft girl, i'm really good in heels! oh & eva longoria is only 5'2" and she modeled...there's hope!

hmm...i don't have anyone to tag, both my blogger friends have already filled this out, so if you read this and want to make one of your own, go for it!  leave me a comment so i can read yours!

Friday, May 16, 2008

today is a flats kind of day

very flat.  i'm feeling especially sad and depressed today.  i'm also a bit leery about posting this openly online, but really i think only beka and erin read this so i'm probably okay :)

i think the bad day started at 4:30 in the morning when my smoke alarm decided to randomly start yelling in the way smoke alarms do.  well i have little knowledge of smoke detectors and consequently after an hour of fiddling with the damn thing, it's lying on my dresser.

then i have to go to work, at the place that i loathe, and make a measly $35... pathetic.  i get off around 4:15 in the afternoon, and i'm supposed to go see amanda.  she was in a car wreck yesterday and has broke her foot.  however, for some selfish reason (tired from work, go run, eat dinner, blah blah), i don't go. so sorry amanda :(

not even the run today can make me feel better.  then amber and i go to the mall and raye calls me to do her a favor b/c her internet is broken; i'm supposed to call her when i get home.  and what do i do? forget to call...bad friend act number two for the day. so sorry raye :(

what is going on with me?  i'm not a selfish person, why am i behaving like one lately? and on a side note, i usually have a lot of will power for dieting, but these days, i want to eat everything in site and i do; another reason to be sad- my growing waistline. 

and another thing, why can i not get a job?? for that matter, why can i not get a freaking interview! am i destined to work at chili's forever.  holy cow the thought of that literally just made my eyes well up with tears. i don't think i can put into words how i feel today, actually, maybe i can...hopeless.

sorry, i'm negative nancy...had to get it off my chest.

is this what i have to look forward to this summer??

fashion people, why oh why are you doing this to us?? okay, i've seen these on a lot of a-list celebrities and no offense to anyone who is into this type of shoe, but why? 

they are hideous! first of all, rule number one in making your legs look longer is no strap around the ankle, now you're gonna go ahead and make a shoe with two straps!  and not to mention, there's no heel on these ugly things!

seriously, let's leave the gladiator shoes to the gladiators. but, if you're into this sort of thing, here's where you can find them...ugly gladiator shoes link

steve, as in steve madden, i'm very disappointed.

Friday, May 2, 2008

run, courtney, run!

i was reading women's health the other day and came across a little blurb for this nike women's marathon. how fun to go to san fran to run a marathon, well i think i would shoot for the half marathon first! the best part is they are giving away tiffany & co. necklaces for the finishers!! so fun, who's with me?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

a bag with a big message

look what i found at walmart tonight! i've heard about these reusable shopping bags and have decided they are a great idea. this is walmarts version and they are only $1. i bought two. although, i'm not real sure how i feel about walmart charging for the bag you carry your groceries in, but i think the idea is outstanding and am glad walmart has jumped on the wagon.

one problem, though...there aren't many times when i get out of walmart with only two bags so i'm not real sure how that's going to work! oh and, how bout remembering to take them with me! i can't even remember my shopping list, let alone bags to carry my not yet bought goodies.

none-the-less i'm going green...well trying anyway!

a new me

a new me. that's what i'm going for anyway. my legs hate me right now. amber and i have taken up running, well jogging, okay maybe a pace slightly faster than walking.

anyway, i am doing this in an attempt to lose weight (duh!) and get in better health. i stepped on my scale the other day (i had been using amber's and turns out, it is very misleading!) and to my surprise i saw that scary number and it meant that i have gained nearly 10 lbs, 9 to be exact, since last summer! ok, total panic. for those of you that love me and continue to tell my that you can't tell, thank you for being really good liars :)

i am also attempting to quit smoking...again. i know, i know i've said this a hundred times, but if i don't keep trying then i'll never succeed, so ya'll doubters out there just keep your mouth shut! and smoking does not go to well with running so for my lungs sake i believe it's time.

poor matt, love of my life, has taken the brunt of my nicotine withdrawal! yesterday, i snapped on him :( we were talking about his plans of camping with friends for this weekend and i interpreted as he didn't want me to be a part of them! so in my lack of nicotine state i was pretty heated and hurt. after lots of talking and explaining my feelings and what he really meant all is better now, i know he really did want me to be there! and to make matter's worse, after my big fit, turns out i can't go anyway, guess i just wanted him to want me to go...girls, we are so silly! i love you peanut!

one of the hostesses at chili's also got the brunt of my lack of nicotine today. but i'm still not too remorseful for this one, she was overstepping her boundaries! i simply asked her to talk into her little headset and ask the busser to bus my table. well, she had the nerve to tell me i needed to clear the plates first. excuse me?!? who the ef are you? so, i proceeded to clear my plates and then i marched up to her and told her it was NOT her job to tell me to clear plates and if she new better, she would have known that i did pre-bus that table...sheesh, that's what busser's get paid for anyway!

in conclusion, for those of you who see me in the next few days, please know, if i snap on you i am truly sorry and i am on my way to recovery. i'm just not very tolerable at the moment :)

a happy time

little gracie is here, well now she's a week old. i'm a little behind :)  she's beautiful, she's perfect, and she's precious!  i feel so blessed to know beka and chris and now their wonderful little saving grace. 
the days surrounding gracie's birth were so incredible to me.  the night before erin, candace, and i washed beka's hair (in the sink) because she just didn't think she could do it herself :)  on gracie's birthday after an epidural beka decided she needed her make-up done so erin and i were to the rescue!  same with the day after gracie was born.  however, i am happy to report beka is now able to do her own make-up now!

beka, erin, and i were so close in college and you always hope that things will never change, but sadly a lot of times they do.  i love that we don't have to worry about that!  to be able to experience the birth of your best friends first baby is amazing and i am so grateful to beka and chris for wanting me there (or at least acting like they did!)

i thank God for you girls and love you so much!